"Photography is very personal. A photograph is not a frozen moment in time; it is an abstraction, an attempt by the photographer to show something special that he or she feels about the subject. In the best cases, it reveals an idealized or, hopefully, ideal world.

”In my photographs, I try to find the quiet, the welcoming, the interesting and the meditative in a world that usually is quite the opposite. I hope you enjoy viewing these images, that they give you a moment of respite and that they show you something you haven’t quite seen before.”

Marv is a Boston area photographer specializing in concert, nature and art photography. His work has been featured in numerous Boston area venues, juried shows, auctions and such publications as Downbeat Magazine and the Boston Globe. He has studied with world renowned photographers including Art Wolfe (PBS’ “Travels to the Edge”), Eirik Johnson and Craig Tanner.